Dancing in the meadow! (Original)

Brid Fanning Art

Dancing in the meadow! (Original)

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We are lucky to live in the country and see so much of nature around us. Sometimes I feel like we are the impostors in our own home as we are surrounded by lots of rabbits and hares. In fairness they were here first! They happily roam the garden peeping through the flower beds and staring in the windows at us. All shapes and sizes, some braves ones and some a little more timid. I took this photo one sunny morning as we watched them dancing around outside. I think this was the mother as she was a bit cautious keeping an eye on her young from a distance!

This is a very textured piece using modelling paste. Acrylic on canvas using mostly palette knife. 

Original Canvas size: 60cm x 60cm
Frame: Handcrafted St. Ives frame in soft white