Seeing Within My 5km

When the nation was asked to stay within their 5km, it was the first time many of us had a chance to slow down, reflect and to explore what our immediate surroundings had to offer. I wanted to document my own visual history of this chapter in our lives and capture this unique time in our history.

“The rural landscape that surrounds me here in North Meath has not changed, but the way I view it has. I now have a new appreciation for the environment around me which I wanted to capture through my art. ”

“Lockdown walks with the kids were a huge inspiration behind this series and it brought me on a journey down memory lane, which for me was of life growing up on a farm. I hope that people enjoy the paintings and they might even resonate with some.”

Accreditation to The Meath County Council Arts Office and Creative Ireland for supporting me with this series.   





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