Patsy The Wonder Fox | Limited Edition Print


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Living in the countryside and seeing a fox is not that unusual but we had a regular visitor during lockdown. Patsy was our wonder fox. We 'wondered' a lot about him. He appeared every day for a few weeks in our back yard over lockdown. He would come up quite close to the back door and just stare in at us. So I managed to get this close up shot. He had this dead stare. The kids would wonder what he wanted. "I wonder what his name is? I wonder is he hungry? I wonder is his mammy looking for him? I wonder can he see glass? I wonder can he blink? I wonder is he from Meath or Cavan? I wonder what he is thinking?" We wondered a lot about him and couldn't really answer any of those questions. So we called him Patsy our Wonder Fox. He eventually disappeared and to this day we still 'wonder' about him.

The original is sold but I now have limited edition prints in stock. They will be numbered and signed. Thank you. 

Size of print :50cm x 50cm museum quality archival print.
Numbered and signed individually.

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