The Hare's Paradise | Limited Edition Print


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Limited edition print on archival cotton rag paper. Signed and numbered. Posted in a sturdy tube. 

Size of print: 60cm x 43cm

In this painting, a hare takes center stage, its delicate form poised in a meadow of vibrant, daisies and other blossoming flowers. The hare's alertness is palpable, as it listens intently, its ears raised high, poised to catch the faintest rustle of the wind. Its wide, inquisitive eyes suggest an acute awareness of its surroundings, while the meadow itself bursts with a riot of color, with flowers of every hue imaginable, creating a stunning backdrop. This enchanting scene invites viewers to appreciate the harmony between the hare's vigilant stillness and the exuberant explosion of nature's beauty, evoking a sense of both tranquility and anticipation.


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