Here Come The Girls! - Original
Here Come The Girls! - Original

Brid Fanning Art

Here Come The Girls! - Original

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Oil and cold wax on board with palette knife. This is first in my series of 'Old Ireland' featuring the Galway Shawl captured in an expressive way using bold colour. 

I love looking at old black and white photographs and trying to re-imagine them through bold colour. I really wanted to paint this one as I was curious about what the girls were talking about  it reminded me of when we meet up with our own friends and family and how precious that time is  I think we all look forward to a time we can meet up again like this  sharing the good the bad and the ugly. It’s  what friends are for. It’s a fun and quirky piece created to put a smile on your face. 

Canvas size: 100cm x 60cm

Professional handcrafted St. Ives frame in soft white