My Owl Buddy! (Limited Edition Print)


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I am lucky to live close enough to the farm I grew up on. So during lockdown It was lovely to bring the kids for walks on the land I grew up on. It brought back many very happy childhood memories of life in rural Ireland.

Growing up we had the most beautiful barn owl that made her home at the end of our road. She would sit there the darkness of the night sitting proudly up on the branches of this big old tree, on the banks of the River Inny. She was elegant and she just seemed to glow in the dark. We loved seeing her and we'd sit quietly and just watch her for a while. She was there for years and even though we never got near her she got used to our visits. During lockdown I walked with the kids to this very spot. Unfortunately the big tree is long gone. Its a strong memory but a good one of  'My Owl Buddy'.  I've recreated her here in bold colour.

Acrylic on canvas
Size: 50 x 60cm
Handcrafted St. Ives frame in soft white

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