The Foggy Dew


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In this serene landscape painting, a river Inny is depicted on a misty, dew-kissed morning. The canvas is awash with ethereal shades of blue and gray, as the gentle fog wraps around the riverbanks like a delicate, gauzy shroud. The meandering river  disappears into the misty distance, leaving the viewer to imagine its hidden journey. The soft, diffused light of dawn creates a sense of tranquility, with the subtle interplay of light and shadow illuminating the water's surface and the surrounding trees. It's a scene of quiet contemplation, inviting viewers to lose themselves in the enigmatic allure of nature's mysteries on this foggy dew day.

Acrylics on canvas.

Size of canvas: 60cm x 50cm 

Handcrafted St. Ives frame in a soft white.

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